Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Its been a long time since we posted in this! We have been extremley busy, also we dont own computers.
Recently finished our North American tour. It was the best tour we have been on thus far thats for sure. We would like to thank everyone that has booked us, played with us, put us up with a place to crash, gave us beer and drugs and supported the new release MINDLESS NATION!
It was amazing being on tour for 2 months and seeing our families of punx in each city we played! Also Chaos in Tejas, what can i say, 4 days of absolute insane partying! Cant wait to go back next year!

We are really pleased with the response from our video "Why?" we released just before we hit the road, your comments are greatly appreciated!

News as of lately - We are touring Mexico!! Our tour of Mexico will be Dec.4th - 18th. Cities and other details will be announced as they come up.
We are also releasing a Discography Tape (Rust and Machine)of all our releases, plus some bonus live tracks. this will only be available on our tour of Mexico! Our tour poster will be way better this time too ha ha.

We recently had an interview come out in MRR as well as our LP review in the same issue. I have not read or seen it yet. fuck sakes. so hopefully it came out good and they gave us a good review!

plans for 2013 - We are taking a break from touring the states and canada for a couple years. We want to head over seas to Europe next year. So if anyone has any info or wants to help out, please contact me: pilon_3@hotmail.com

I will try and keep this more updated. i have also said this before and did not. but i will try this time.


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