Monday, January 24, 2011

East Coast Tour May 2011

Napalm Raid
Spring Tour
May 2011

May 6th - Montreal, QC @ Katacombs
May 7th - Platsburg, NY @ ROTA gallery and studios
May 8th - Boston, MA @ Obriens Pub
May 9th - Hartford, CT @ Whitney House
May 10th - New York, NY @ Tommy's Tavern
May 11th - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
May 12th - Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar Tavern
May 13th - Washington, DC @ Western Dream
May 15th - Raleigh, NC @ House Show
May 16th - Asheville, NC @ The Get Down
May 17th - Birmingham, AL @ HELMS DEEP
May 18th - Jacksonville, FL @ Shantytown Pub
May 19th - Gainseville, FL @ Wayward Council
May 20th - Orlando, FL @ TBA
May 21st - Lake Worth, FL @ Propaganda
May 22nd - Columbia, SC @ One Unit Art Space
May 24th - Atlanta, GA @ Archive Gallery
May 26th - Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
May 27th - Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck Bar
May 28th - Peterborough, ON @ The Spill
May 30th - Montreal, QC @ Cafe Chaoss

New Tracks For Upcoming Release

Here is a couple songs that will be on the next release in June 2011

Trail of the World

To Serve and Arrest

Misery (bastard)


Recently trying to book a tour and deal with myspace and its new bullshit has been frustrating as hell. So we decided to try out this Blog stuff. hopefully it will attract some peoples over to the blog world instead of myspace and facebook. seems so far, to be WAY fuckin better!
There will be some new material to download, and will be only available on here to listen to until its released in June. so check it out and let us know what you think of it


"Corruption of Their Little Minds" Tape Reviews

Napalm raid - "Corruption of Their Little Minds" TAPE self released

The horror... the horror... Is the singer wearing a gas mask? Winded vocals carry you through a field of land mines as the rock-n-roll undertone fuels your fire and thumping bass ignites the bombs as you bolt into a trench hoping your not a baked corpse after the explosion.
7 merciless tracks of contagious, cutthroat crust punk, these Halifax, Nova Scotia ragers are definitely worthy of a few listens!
As you read along with the lyric sheet, NAPALM RAID paints a smokey picture, sets the distressed mood and doubtlessly hand over what they're trying to dispatch.
Lyrically very grim, slightly vague and mostly about war, this tape is definitely not one to listen to if your trying to feel positive about humanity.
Even by simply reading their logo encrusted with barbed wire I can envision the ugliness of war. One of the bits of art on the insert states: "Disgusting human race take pride in their war games. " This tape has your expected high contrast white on black crusty layout, which I find visually pleasing. The music faultlessly matches with the lyrics and art. After a few line-up changes, this fairly new 3 piece formed in 2008 has an upcoming 7'' I anticipate hearing!
I feel like watching 'Apocalypse Now' after listening to this tape!
Don't you just love the smell of napalm in the morning?
(Profane Existence; mandapocalypse.)

Verbicide Magazine Review of "Corruption of thier Little Minds
Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, this blazing crust three-piece sound so much like UK crust legends Doom that it’s uncanny — if Doom were decades younger and Canadian.
Their seven-song self-released cassette EP opens with an A-side full of rippers with “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” setting both the tone of the band and establishing the lyrical themes they address: war and destruction with lots of civilian deaths. The furious “Dead Cities” follows, addressing the aftermath of war and the deadly remnants of conflict such as barbed wire and unexploded land mines. “Means for War” and “Something to Lose,” the strongest track so far, wrap up the A-side of this tape, but the real gems of this recording are all on side B. “Brainwash” is a rocking track about social control in schools which, along with the following “Tomorrow’s Reality,” are the best songs on this tape, featuring riffs with the catchiest hooks and most complex song-writing.
In terms of self-released efforts, this cassette shines above usual fare, featuring a nice cover and the inclusion of a paper lyric sheet. The recording quality of the tape is also surprisingly great, with just the right amount of girt and distortion to make everything sound good. Drums, guitar, and bass all come through clear enough to remain distinguishable from one another, and it allows the guitar wankery on songs like “Something to Lose” to really shine through and not be lost in a muddy mess.
This tape is well worth checking out for anyone with an ear for crust, and it can be ordered direct from the band. They also have a new seven-inch forthcoming this winter on Rust and Machine Records, and they play a killer live set as well.

Deaf Sparrow Review
I was just listening to this absolutely horrendous band named The Attack (for review purposes , of course) who in their MySpace page are self-describe as punk. Funny how broad of a description a tag can be. Napalm Raid, who come from Canada, also claim to simply play punk, but their shit is just the superlative of the word. If we were to take The Attack as an accurate description of what punk is then Napalm Raid would be the equivalent of the child molesting priest who ruins the reputation of the whole gospel of punk just because they sound totally abusive. The trio has been together since 2008 and Corruption of Their Little Minds is an absolutely crushing seven song EP, fully packed with the crusty fillings and even crustier edges that all us hunchbacks have come to love and embrace. The simplicity is the same that propelled the first punkers into the clubs; first grade riffs proving that is not technique but spirit and raw energy what makes great music.

Distort Vancouver

Distort Vancouver was the first time we played Van. awesome bands and awesome people.
It was a pretty out of hand weekend. thanks Foat for letting us crash with you!