Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fall US/CND Tour

Updates of our Fall CDN/US Tour, contact us if you can help with anything!

If you can help us with a show in Wisconsin, please contact

Sept 1st - Montreal, QC - Cafe Chaos
Sept 2nd - Albany, NY - Valentin's
Sept 3rd - Cleveland, OH - Now That's Class
Sept 4th - Detroit, MI - C.A.I.D.
Sept 5th - Chicago, IL - Rancho Huevos
Sept 6th - Kenosha, WI - Hattrix
Sept 7th - Appleton, WI - Maritime
Sept 8th - Minneapolis, MN - Hill Valley
Sept 9th - Lawrence, KS - The Overlook
Sept10th - Denver, CO - Blastomat
Sept11th - Salt Lake City, UT - Raunch Records
Sept12th - Boisie, ID - Liquid Lounge
Sept13th - Seattle, WA - GLC
Sept14th - Portland, OR - Black Water
Sept17th - Vancouver, BC - Distort Fest
Sept20th - Kamloops, BC - Little Big House
Sept21st - Calgary, AB - Former Fun House
Sept22nd - Edmonton, AB - DV8
Sept24th - Saskatoon, SK - Walkers
Sept25th - Winnipeg, MN - The Death Trap
Sept27th - Sudbury, ON - Serbian Center
Sept28th - Kitchener, ON - The Hive
Sept29th - Toronto, ON - Hard Luck Bar
Sept30th - Ottawa, ON - TBA
Oct 1st - Montreal, QC - Death House

WEST COAST TOUR July 1st - 29th

The dates for the west coast tour have basically been changing everyday due to shows falling through. Thanks to everyone that has helped us cover our fucked up dates.

July 1st - Vancouver, BC
July 2nd - Squamish, BC - Fastcore Fest
July 3rd - Kamloops, BC
July 4th - Vancouver, BC
July 5th - Victoria, BC
July 6th – Seattle, WA
July 7th - Olympia, WA
July 8th - Portland, OR - Last Hours Fest
July 9th - Eugene, OR
July 10th - Arcata, CA
July 11th - Santa Rosa, CA
July 12th - Richmond, CA
July 14th - Concord, CA
July 15th - Los Angeles, CA
July 17th - San Diego, CA
July 19th - Phoenix, AZ
July 21th - Las Vegas, NV
July 22nd - Fresno, CA
July 23rd - San Francisco, CA
July 24th - Eugene, OR
July 25th - Salem, OR
July 26th - Portland, OR
July 28th - Bremerton, WA
July 29th - Seattle, WA - Hunting Parties Fest
July 30th - Vancouver, BC - GHPR Fest

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Proskates 25th Anniversary with Skull Skates and Napalm Raid

Pro Skates 25th Anniversary with Skull Skates & Napalm Raid from Anthony Cooper on Vimeo.

Trail of The World Reviews


All the fury of this Canadian crust three-piece’s live shows is compressed onto their first 7” of new material (The first 7” was a re-release of the demo). Not only is this raw and raging crust in all its gritty glory, but this is also some of the most tight and technical-sounding punk you’ll find in any subgenre. Three originals, plus a cover of “Misery,” by Bastard make this a solid EP that should be added to your collection immediately.
–Paul J. Comeau


4 tracks of pounding crust-core from Nova Scotia that mixes in some Japanese style and some fast thrash, but with its feet firmly planted on an early English style a la DOOM. With lyrics that deal with the futility of hate, unjust cops, and the war we rage against the earth, there is plenty of rage here.

The raw style of the recording brings to mind the demo tape trading days of the late 80's and early 90's and it works really well here. It has a kind of demo feel but it is played so intensely and tight that it works for the ep format. They include a cover of BASTARD which gets them even more points in my book. Released on Rust and Machine Records from Seattle. Excellent!
-Val Landrum


Second 7" already from this band. Excellent hard charging crust in the Doom tradition. Both 7"S rip, if this band was from Japan instead of Halifax NS I would have sold them all by noon today


CRUST-HARDCORE. "trail of the world" is the 2nd 7" from Halifax's NAPALM RAID. Taking their raw mix of DOOM, ANTI-CIMEX, and DISCHARGE influences a step further with an improved recording showing the way they were meant to sound. The raw d-beat crust you crave is all here, with their own take on it making it catchy and memorable. If that was not enough this 4 song 7" includes a cover of "misery" from BASTARD.

Trail of The World

Our second 7inch out on Rust and Machine. This came out just as we started the east coast tour in May. They are a one time pressing, and more then half gone. if you want one you can buy them from us on tour, or go to


We just finished our tour of the east coast. thanks to all the bands we played with and everyone that helped out with food, shows, beer and a place to crash!!

Corruption of Their Little Minds

This is long over due as a post, considering the 7inch is sold out from Rust and Machine. We will have TOUR editions of this when we are touring the west coast in July. So get them from or shows if you want one, there's none left!