Thursday, June 9, 2011

WEST COAST TOUR July 1st - 29th

The dates for the west coast tour have basically been changing everyday due to shows falling through. Thanks to everyone that has helped us cover our fucked up dates.

July 1st - Vancouver, BC
July 2nd - Squamish, BC - Fastcore Fest
July 3rd - Kamloops, BC
July 4th - Vancouver, BC
July 5th - Victoria, BC
July 6th – Seattle, WA
July 7th - Olympia, WA
July 8th - Portland, OR - Last Hours Fest
July 9th - Eugene, OR
July 10th - Arcata, CA
July 11th - Santa Rosa, CA
July 12th - Richmond, CA
July 14th - Concord, CA
July 15th - Los Angeles, CA
July 17th - San Diego, CA
July 19th - Phoenix, AZ
July 21th - Las Vegas, NV
July 22nd - Fresno, CA
July 23rd - San Francisco, CA
July 24th - Eugene, OR
July 25th - Salem, OR
July 26th - Portland, OR
July 28th - Bremerton, WA
July 29th - Seattle, WA - Hunting Parties Fest
July 30th - Vancouver, BC - GHPR Fest

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